Track Shipment

Delivering Oxygen concentrators from China to India by air to fight Covid.

During the second wave of Covid in India, OmTrans has successfully imported 250 oxygen concentrators from China to India in time line manner which was a great support in fighting Covid and helped in saving thousands of lives during the pandemic time.

Saving Freight cost by 50%

With having experience team OmTrans have helped their Exporters in saving 50% freight cost by moving the cargo through Break Bulk to Houston and Baltimore which was really appreciated by the Exporters. OmTrans has successfully delivered 4000 metric tonnes of cargo and monthly moving such volume of cargo to Houston & Baltimore through Break Bulk.

Moving Special Care Cargo

With growing needs of the customers OmTrans & OmTrans associate company OmTrax (Packing and Moving) jointly delivered Antique cargo from the world to their customers in India and Dubai . These antiques are fragile and needed extra care and additional packaging.

Delivered 150 Tonnes of Medicines during Covid

We take pride in mentioning that during the first wave of Pandemic, we moved over 50 tons of Covid related medicines to Brazil by Air freight maintained in cold chain temperature. It was a challenging task due to lockdown to handle operations at airport with negligible transportation, ground team. Our team took all the risks as it was essential services. This was only possible due to day and night selfless services of our team who vouched voluntarily for working day towards success of same.

This followed by second wave we moved another 100 tons worth covid medicines by Air freight to Brazil owing to urgency as Brazil was most hit during second wave.